Friday, October 30, 2009

Food Stamps now accepted at Papa Murphy's Pizza

Sorry for deleting all of the old posts on this blog. I am not sure what motivated me to do that, I was just not feeling it at the time.

Blogging is mostly a way to vent in the best of circumstances, I know I don't have a lot of readers on this blog, but then something happens that I just want to yell about and I have nobody to vent to, so then it is back to the blog. That is what happened to me today. I saw a big advertisement outside of Papa Murphy's take and bake pizza that announced “we accept EBT”. For those that don't understand what this means, it means food stamps. EBT stand for “Electronic Benefit Transfer” and is basically a credit card that allows you to buy food and stuff using other peoples money. Normally I simply don't dwell on things like that, but Papa Murphy's pizza is not exactly a meal for those acting in a frugal manner. It is just a slap in the face to poor people who don't take government benefits and actually have to live like they are poor to have expensive restaurant pizza being paid for by food stamps.


Anonymous said...'re saying we poor people who are eligible for EBT aren't entitled to a pizza once in awhile as a special treat because their are those that aren't eligible for EBT? Isn't this the same logic as "eat your supper, there are starving people in the world"? I never understood, as a child, how my eating my dinner would HELP the starving children in Africa. Of course, I'm not a heartless simpleton - I know he meant that I should shut up, eat what's given to me and just be grateful, but I also don't think I'm necessarily evil if I have a frozen pizza once in awhile. Especially when my EBT funds are actually based on the amount of money I earned from working - what I contributed through my own efforts -- not a free-for-all hand out. Thanks for listening.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? You think you are entitled to a "special treat"? Here's a treat for you: get off your lazy ass and get a second job if you're first doesn't pay enough. Don't rely on the govt. to pay for you ill chosen food! And....we all sit and shake our heads at the studies showing that poor people are the most obese of all welath classes.

Anonymous said...

A) You, O Dispenser of Wisdom, don't know anything about me and therefore, have no basis for labeling me, or anyone you don’t know personally, as a "lazy ass." I eat quite healthfully, exercise regularly and have no remote resemblance to the "lazy asses" with which you kindly equate me. (Hence my use of the phrase "special treat).
B) I am an intelligent, active, svelte and --- up until very recently -- gainfully employed high-tech PR executive. My unemployment benefit, based on the salary I earned over the past 2 decades, does not constitute a "reliance on the government." This, in combination with my tireless, pro—active efforts for employment simply renders your “get a second job” advice moot. (And, more than a little rude).
C) Pizza (in moderation) is not quite the evil, gastronomic indulgence you purport it to be, nor is it blindly devoured only by the obese, lazy, half-witted simpletons you apparently see all around you. Or, as you call us, “poor people.” Sounds like you could use a slice!
D) I’d be interested to know what other condescending pearls of wisdom you have for the “poor people” so that we may shore up the grotesque expense of an occasional pizza (or, as you call it, our "ill-chosen food"). How DARE we poor people eat a pizza when there are plenty of perfect, more deserving people like you to eat them for us!
E) Sharing a pizza with friends or family once in awhile does not a heifer make. However, sharing your uninformed ignorance in a public forum CAN make quite at an ASS out of YOU. Thank you for vividly illustrating that point.
F) And, lastly, thank you for your “welath” (as you spelled it) of information. This has been my “treat” for you. 
•Anonymous Again

Anonymous said...

this is for the one calling people on food stamps "lazy asses". the only reason Im on food stamps you ignorant moron is because 1. My husband of almost 3yrs and been together 4yrs left us and I couldnt work because Im expecting twins and I have a daughter to take care of. I have worked my ass off for years putting money towards the goverment and now when i need help people look at us being lazy asses. PLEASE! why should i have to treat my daughter any different. if she wants a pizza now and then by God she is gonna get it. I will not make her feel like she is different cause her mama is on food stamps. as for being obese. I think your saying that cause thats how you feel about yourself you pompus ass. I agree with the person say about letting your family get together and have some pizza every once in awhile. I can understand if thats all people are using the food stamps for is buying pizza all day or using all their money on pizza but for those who obid by the rules should get a break now and then. PLUS if the goverment didnt want us to be eligable for pizza then Papa murphy's wouldnt have put a sign on the door saying they except EBT. so thank you Have a Nice day JERK!