Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's time for liberals to get off of the freedom train when the subject of marijuana legalization is brought up

It seems like marijuana legalization is closer to becoming reality than it ever has been in my lifetime. Here is where the rubber hits the road and separates the liberals from the libertarians in this cause. In the past we have been loosely allied for this cause, but that is changing. It is time for liberals to get off the freedom train and everyday this is becoming ever more painfully apparent.

I have been in two internet arguments lately on the legalization of marijuana and both were against other people who share my belief that marijuana should be legal. The sticking point in both of these discussions were about taxes. Here is where libertarians are going to have to stand up against the liberals. I would prefer to see marijuana legal and taxed than remain illegal, but the best option is to keep taxes off of the table. I am sick and tired of hearing the argument that marijuana should be legal and taxed. No, it should be legal and untaxed. It may be a pipe dream (lol) to believe that this is even a remote possibility, but that doesn't mean that the proper libertarian argument should not be for both full legalization and no additional taxes.

It is frustrating to me to have to argue these points. We should legalize drugs because humans are not the property of the government, and we should be the ones who choose what we put into our own bodies, for good or bad. When the government tells you what you are allowed to ingest into your body and is willing to use force to stop you from consuming what you want, what it really is the government telling you that they have a higher authority to decide what you can do with your own body than you do. This is pretty much the same reason I am against all taxation as well, if you own your own body as I believe you do (or should) then you own the products of your labor and mind, taxation is someone taking a portion of that labor through force. I am not sure why liberals seem to think that the best reason to legalize marijuana is to help the government buy more bombs.

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