Saturday, December 12, 2009

First episode of STOSSEL on global warming

I watched the first episode of “Stossel” on Fox Business network. This first episode was on global warming. The show started off a little bit slow, but by the end I had got into it. At first I was a bit taken back by the format. It was very much like a talk show similar to the likes of Phil Donahue or Oprah where the host and guest talk for a while and then take questions from the audience, but with a definite libertarian bias. The fun thing was that not one of the questions was from an AGW skeptic and so unlike most talk shows the audience was on the opposite side as the host and the guests. I think they hit on a lot of great points that come up in the AGW debate, of course they skimmed through a few points, but it was only an hour long show after all.

The most fun scene to me was when John brought in a golf cart and explained how he got it for free because of a government subsidy for “electric” cars. Come on, nobody is replacing their car with a golf cart, it is just another giveaway to the wealthy who are the only ones who drive golf carts. Most of us cannot afford to live on a country club estate, and these are the people you see who actually own their own golf carts. Besides it won't do anything for the environment for people to toot around in golf carts for trips that they otherwise would have walked or rode a bicycle. Most people are not replacing trips in their cars with trips on a golf cart, the golf cart doesn't have the range or speed to take it out of a protected environment. Since the show aired, Stossel reports that he is getting a lot of emails asking him for information on how to get a free golf cart. If you want the government to buy you a golf cart, then you missed the point and you are part of the problem, not the solution.

Overall I enjoyed the show and look forward to future episodes. I will be sure to watch every episode, because you just never know what subject you will get new insights for.

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