Thursday, December 24, 2009

NRA equals more gun crime?

The other night at my weekly trivia event, one of the questions was “has the number of gun related crimes increased or decreased since the creation of the NRA?”. The answer is that gun crime has increased since the inception of the NRA.

Of course to a person who believes in gun laws the first reaction would be that this is obvious, the NRA opposes gun laws and gun crime has increased since the inception of the NRA, so they draw the conclusion that more gun laws would reduce gun crime. What they miss is that the NRA's creation preceded almost all gun laws in the US.

The NRA was established in 1871 when there were virtually no gun laws and people often carried guns openly. In the 139 years since the NRA was created thousands of gun laws have been passed in the US. Fewer and fewer people carry guns in their daily life and gun related crime has increased during this period.

So what has been more responsible for the increase in gun crime, the NRA unsuccessfully attempting to prevent new gun laws, or the government actively preventing people from being able to use guns for their own protection?

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