Sunday, December 20, 2009

What if government healthcare was structured like government school?

I was watching Stossel's show on healthcare and public schools were brought up. It made me think to myself, would there be any support for government ran healthcare if it were structured like government schools?

If healthcare were structured like government school, then you would be forced to use a doctor based solely on where you live. You would have to move to get into the “medical district” that you think would offer you the kind of medical services that would work for you. If the doctor you like services an area that the housing is too expensive for you, then you are screwed. If you lie about your address in order to get a better doctor than you are breaking the law.

Does this sound reasonable? If not then why is it reasonable for schools to operate in this fashion? Also you have to wonder if the same organization that structures schools the way they are structured should be the ones in charge of structuring healthcare. How do we really know that the government will allow for any choice in who treats you? That is currently the promise, but we all know that the government always goes back on promises they make when trying to push a bill through and then retracts them later.


The Whited Sepulchre said...

Well said. One of my favorite moments was the audience laughter when the boycotter said that healthcare should be made public, LIKE THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS.

Truly a great moment.

Congrats on the blog. You're hyperlinked, blogrolled, etc., and will see a post from Ft Worth about yer site later tonight.

Fester said...

Thanks for your support. Glad you like what I post over here, this is more about pop cuture and less issues based than most libertarian/voluntaryist blogs. I am sure that turns a lot of people off. I have followed the Whited Sepulchre for years, after you linked it on the Libertarian Party of Colorado blog which I write for as well, but that blog has a narrow focus so I had to create this blog for other stuff that simply doesn't fit in elsewhere.