Saturday, January 9, 2010

Conspiracy Theory, a bit to cloak and dagger to be taken seriously

I watched an episode of Jesse Ventura's show “Conspiracy Theory”. I thought I would give it a try, and the episode was on global warming, which is a subject I sometimes take an interest in.

The show was alright, and I actually agreed with many of the conclusions he came to, but it was very hard to take seriously and I don't think it was all that persuasive. The main problem seemed to be that it was filmed and narrated like “when animals attack”.

This show might do okay for ratings, but will really not illuminate any substantial “truths”, they made it a little too cheesy and cloak and dagger to really be taken seriously.

At one point one of his investigators met with a “top global climate scientist” who had to remain anonymous and cloaked in shadow because of death threats due to his opposition to the AGW theory. He may have very well been a credible scientist and his story completely true. However, there is no way to verify the story since the “scientist” was never revealed, so it isn't as if we can check on his credibility or credentials.

Jesse met with his “smoking gun” informant in a warehouse where he met Alex Jones the day before. Sorry but as soon as you start meeting people in covert warehouses with security provided by the same fat guys you see acting as strip club bouncers, you start to lose some credibility. I also don't believe that Alex Jones adds credibility to the story. I like Alex Jones when it comes to his coverage of the police state, but those stories are pretty cut and dry, when it comes to statues of owls being worshiped by Jewish bankers, he starts relying more on conjecture than facts and his credibility goes right out the window.

The main problem was that the interviews were spliced up, they filmed it like everything was secret (at one point Jesse was interviewing a journalist in a park or some other outdoor location and the camera guy was filming from behind a plant so leaves would occasionally pass by the lens as if this interview was being filmed covertly, but there were at least 3 cameras). The narrator had that voice and script that just makes you laugh, a deep voice saying things like “coming up next, Jesse uncovers the truth in the bowls of Beijing”.

I might give it another try if I see he has an episode on a subject I am interested in, but I I don't think it will be like Penn and Teller's bullshit show or John Stossel's show where I watch every episode.

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