Thursday, January 28, 2010

Emission testing scam

I really hate being a slave, but today I had to be a good little slave because I fear the whip of the government masters. I had a good day at work (work is where I voluntarily exchange my mind and labor in return for financial compensation). Then I decided to ruin a perfectly good day by going to get my car emissions tested. Where I live this is a requirement for everyone to do every two years. It took about 45 minutes and cost $25 dollars. I would have rather spent the time doing other things and I have better things to do with my money.

Emission testing is a rip off and is unnecessary, hardly anyone needs the test as modern vehicles are efficient and low polluting, and people like me who want to be able to maintain the value and reliability of their vehicles keep them well maintained. I don't keep my truck in good running order so it can pass emissions, but so I can depend on it to get me to work and I am not unique in this way.

Here is a good article written several years ago about some of the reasons to hate the Denver emissions program.


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I know most of the vehicles now a days come with good systems that keep the environment clean and the users also make sure that there is a check on pollution...but yes there are vehicles which are polluting the environment.

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The vehicles are the main cause of air pollution in urban areas. As more vehicles enter our roads, more pollution fills the air. Each step must be taken to reduce the type of air pollution on the health of our planet.