Sunday, January 17, 2010

Perfectly safe airlines

Of course the lesson this humorous video is trying to get across is that there is no such thing as perfectly safe air travel anymore than there can be a perfectly safe drive, or bike ride or walk around the neighborhood. Nothing in reality is “perfectly” safe.

I think that airlines should have some sort of security, however I think that the type and level of security should be determined solely by the airline themselves. I envision airlines competing based on safety, so if you like intrusive safety measures and it makes you feel good then you could choose an airline that does those types of screening for their passengers. If you would feel safer having no screening and taking an airline where the passengers might have anything in their possession including guns, then that should also be your choice. Personally I would rather go on an airline where everyone is potentially armed, than an airline where nobody is likely to have any sort of weapon. When you disarm all of the law abiding people that is when you run into the situation where only the criminals have weapons.

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