Sunday, February 21, 2010

Joe Stack proves the TSA should be shut down

The last time I flew on an airplane the TSA took my sunblock away from me, presumably to prevent me from somehow using it to overwhelm the pilot with its gentle eye sting. So that I would be unable to fly that plane into a building a la 9/11. For the service of them taking people's sunblock and water, torturing crippled kids, and taking naked pictures of famous Baliwood stars, it costs something like 6 billion a year. Then some guy flies a private airplane into a building anyway and never even passes by a TSA checkpoint. The TSA might say this is some sort of gap in their security, but the fact is that destruction is much easier than construction and there will always be opportunity for those bent on destruction.

We as a population may not ever prevent all of the Joe Stacks in the world from going crazy and doing something destructive and harmful to innocent people as these are random unpredictable events, but we could force the government to quit their systematic victimization of us all through taxation, regulation, micromanaging of our lives, and simply shut the government down. Choosing instead to pursue voluntary replacements for the coercive “services” the government currently provides.

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