Sunday, February 14, 2010

Stossel on the Road to Serfdom

I never wrote a post on last week's Stossel about the food police, but it was really fun.

This weeks show was “the road to serfdom”. It was a good episode that focused on the disparity between the government and everyone else as far as pay and benefits (hint: the government parasites have now overwhelmed their host and now make more money and get better benefits, have more job security, all at the expense of those actually producing goods and services that people want so much they are willing to VOLUNTARILY pay for, unlike their counterparts in the government).

It was good to hear them mention Austrian Economics, even though they focused on Hayek, I would have preferred they focused on the ideas of Rothbard, but if it prompts someone to look up Austrian economics it is unlikely that that person would stop at Hayek and not find Mises, Rothbard and other more modern greats like Walter Block. I really like John Stossels show, even though I know he is for some government when it comes to the topics he focuses on I agree with him. He has never done a show talking about whatever he thinks government is good for.

The best part of the show was when Stossel really made government intrusions hit home by showing a nice lady who sells hotdogs in LA, but was thrown in jail because she had the audacity to sell hotdogs wrapped in bacon. Even though she had been selling them this way for 26 years without complaints, some bureaucrat decided that bacon is a health risk if it is sold from a street vendor.

He also talked about San Tan Flat Saloon and their issues with the “authorities” over a local law that banned outdoor dancing. Libertarians and voluntaryists are not the best at spreading our ideas, but these kinds of stories spread the message of liberty far better than most libertarians do. Stories like this show the masses the injustice that comes with government. Then all we have to do as supporters of people living free is to use the injustices to show that the more government you have the more injustice you have.

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