Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tom Tancredo says some stupid crap at the "Tea Party"

Tea party? I was not a big supporter of these so called Tea parties. I thought they were a bit too republican. So I was watching the local news last night and they showed part of Tom Tancredo's speech at this “tea party” convention. He made the claim that illegal immigrants who can't even say “vote” in English were responsible for electing Barack Hussein Obama. This is a ridiculous statement. The idea that the majority of registered democrats who went to the primaries and the caucus's were mostly non English speakers is so absurd on its face to make everything he says not taken seriously. George Bush was so hated that whoever was the democrats nominee was going to win over the republican nominee. Statements like the one by Tancredo are the reason I would not want to be associated with the tea party people. I know that in some earlier incarnations there really were small government types making up the tea parties, but the movement was quickly hijacked by the GOP. I don't know what to think of these tea party events now, but I know that I am embarrassed for people who really are mostly about small government who have now been lumped into a group with the likes of Tom Tancredo.

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