Wednesday, February 3, 2010

TSA trouble, OTN's Sam encounters the TSA in Detroit

If you haven't seen this yet, it is great. Sam "balls of steel" Dotson, confronts TSA agents on their own turf. There were a couple of moments when I felt like he went a little too far, but sometimes you have to go that extra step in order to get people thinking. My favorite part was in the second or third video when he told one TSA agent that another agent had been acting suspiciously because she stood in line at the chicken place and then never ordered chicken and he should investigate.

The local Detroit news ran a story about this video series. It is ridiculous. They open with there is a group of “vigilante journalists who go to airports” then they continually repeat the idea that Sam is a group of people instead of just one person who happened to have a layover in Detroit while traveling for the Christmas Holiday. I have never heard the term “vigilante journalist” before in my life so I have to assume that this is just some bullshit made up be these fake journalists who dominate the TV news industry.

This video really shows how slipshod “professional” journalists can be and why more and more people are turning to blogs and independent journalists for their news. Even in this case, the only real investigation done was them watching Sam's video, no other footage was used except fake TV journalist guy holding a video camera up and babbling some bullshit that has no basis in fact. These "reporters" did not interview either Sam or any of the TSA agents, they didn't check to find out if he was alone or with a group, they didn't bother to see if he is even part of a group that calls themselves "vigilante journalists" which is just something they made up.


BlueCarp said...

Thanks for this post - I have reposted.

Did I hear this guy say he lives in Denver? Do you know him?

Fester said...

Sam lives in New Hampshire and moved there from Texas for the free state project. I don't know him personally.

Fester said...

If you want to see something funny after watching these videos oif Sam's, check out the news report about his filming by some "real journalists". They get the facts wrong, they claim Sam is a "gang of vigilante journalists" even though he is just one guy with a camera who happened to have a layover in Detroit and saw some TSA agents giving a secondary screening at the gate so he decided to film it and then the TSA started giving him a hard time.