Monday, April 12, 2010

Boulder's marijuana protest vs. Keene's 4/20 events

The other day on Free Talk Live, Ian poo-pooed the yearly marijuana legalization rally in Boulder that takes place on April 20th each year (4/20). He made a statement like “that's nice, but we do ours everyday here in Keene”. I am not sure he is comparing apples to apples. Although it is true that they have 5-25 people in the park smoking pot every day, the Boulder event attracted 10,000 people last year and is expected to be as large this year even though it is on a weekday, you can't expect to have a protest of 10,000 people happen everyday. Marijuana protests seem to have been more effective here as well, Colorado's marijuana laws are already far more lax than those of New Hampshire, the police here are far less likely to ticket or imprison you for marijuana here than in New Hampshire. I am not trying to dismiss what they are doing in New Hampshire, but I think some perspective is needed.

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