Friday, April 2, 2010

Census has no consensus

I am not filling out the census form. I have never filled out the census form, but I have answered questions when they came around asking them, I am not sure if I will this time. It is harder to refuse to answer questions in person than it is to just ignore a form addressed to “current resident” which I do not have any obligation to self identify as, nor do I feel as if I have any obligation to respond when addressed as such.

It seems like such a petty act of resistance to the state. One that comes with almost zero risk, and yet not filling it out has generated the ire of other libertarians towards me. They ask what do I plan to accomplish, why raise red flags for seemingly no purpose, and do I want to go to jail? The answers are simple. First off I don't think it is something I am likely to go to jail for, I would probably give up my information before it came to that point. Secondly, I don't know that it generates anymore red flags than other things I do while just living my life, like writing this blog. Lastly, what I plan to accomplish is getting into the habit of ignoring the government and their silly little forms. I think the best route to change the policies imposed by the tyrannical thugs in government is not open resistance to them, but rather simply ignoring them and living your life as if they do not exist, and do this to whatever extent you feel comfortable with. Mass non-compliance will have more effect than anything else and at this point it seems that I am in the majority of people who are not filling out the census. Non-compliance might not accomplish much if it is just you, but together with a large percentage of people it can create change, or at least send a message. Even a small vocal group of people can create change if a majority are sympathetic to their cause. The census serves no useful purpose, except to bloat the government more. The only benefits from it accrues to the government and their minions and there is no reason for it. Resisting it will not accomplish anything, neither will complying with it, neither are all that risky activities and I say make it as hard as possible for the government to get any information out of you.

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