Friday, April 2, 2010

Do I want heathcare reform? Sure just not the way Obama wants it

If you want to stir the ire of statists when discussing healthcare and the reform you would like to see, just mention that you would like to see the requirements to become a doctor eliminated or at the minimum reduced. This will get you all kinds of snide remarks about community college educated doctors and such, presented as if this is obviously a bad idea. It is not. I have a vasectomy, it took my doctor about 15 minutes to do the procedure. He did a great job, but I expect that the skills needed to do this procedure took far less than the 12 years of education he had. I might not want to go to someone for a diagnosis that is not fully educated in the field, but for a routine procedure like a vasectomy I might consider going to a person who only does the one procedure and has limited amount of education. If they do 100 vasectomies every week and nothing but vasectomies then they may actually be better at that one procedure than my doctor is, because my doctor only does vasectomies on Friday afternoons and thus does not do many of them, preferring to concentrate on other issues people go to a urologist for the rest of the week.

I have two Japanese friends, both are doctors. They went college for only 6 years total, entering medical school right out of high school. Are you going to tell me that the skill level of Japanese doctors is significantly less than that of American doctors who spend 12 years or more training to become doctors? There are other models that could be just as effective as the model the government and the AMA are shoving down our throats, but with government it is one size fits all and anyone who doesn't like it can go to hell. In a free market I would expect to see a tiered system of doctors education, where basic procedures are done by less educated and the greater educated doctors would focus more on diagnostics which is a much more difficult skill than procedures are.

Also we should end this insane war on some drugs, part of that is eliminating the prescription requirements. This one step would save hundreds of millions of dollars in medical costs each year. Many countries have less strict prescription requirements and it is not creating many issues, if you can find a study that indicates that over the counter antibiotics in Germany are causing all kinds of problems, I would like to see it. Many drugs that are over the counter in the US were by prescription only previously, and yet it hasn't led to problems with over medicating or over dosing or any of the the other dire problems that the statists worry about. Most drugs in Mexico are over the counter and I don't know of many problems it causes. When I lived in Oklahoma I had a friend who drove to Mexico every year for a short vacation and to buy a years worth of birth control pills for his wife. He did this because the over-the-counter birth control pills in Mexico were so inexpensive for the exact same thing you would get in the US that this savings would pay for a mini-vacation for him and his wife.

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Mark @ Israel said...

Yeah, You are right. We may not like the health care reform but we cannot choose otherwise. That was approved and what we can do is to face the issue at hand as it is demanded for us to follow. We'll try to see if the half-baked application of the principles of socialism can be proven effective in today's diverse world under Obama's administration.