Saturday, April 24, 2010

Homer Simpson - Agorist bar owner

I was recently reminded of an episode of the Simpson's. It is the one where Homer opens a bar in his own garage.

One of my friends is trying to open a bar, the government is demanding over $30,000 to get a permission slip from them that allows him to legally sell drinks at his bar, he believes this is a good deal as some people have had to pay as much as $60,000. It makes me think that Homer was right to take the agorist approach.

The government is not offering him anything in return for this money, except to not throw him in jail for selling a product that his customers are demanding. This also means that he will have to raise his prices to cover his expenses, and these are not only the rent and obvious expenses, but also this license fee. If he wanted to open a bar that caters to a small sub-section of the population (like the goth crowd for instance), he would not be able to as there is no way the local goth crowd could afford to buy enough booze to even recover the cost of the liquor license. This limits the choices people have to not only create the kind of business they wish to create, but it also limits the choices consumers have. He is also prevented from catering to smokers by state law, he is prevented from catering to anyone under 21 by law, he has to find his niche in a very narrow space approved by the government.

I am not sure how a person can still believe that the United is the land of opportunity, when that opportunity is closed off to anyone who doesn't happen to have the money to pay the government copious amount of extortion money in order to live out their dream.

What would happen if everyone just told the government to piss off and started opening their businesses without first asking permission or getting licensed and then to not cooperate when the thugs in government came around demanding fees and fines for trying to live as a free person?

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