Friday, April 30, 2010

Should a person be able to live where they choose or not? That is the question.

Lately with the new law in Arizona, immigration has been on peoples minds. I have had several friends on facebook post something about it. People really try and make the issue far more complicated than it needs to be. They like to look at numbers, and at whether some paper was filled out properly, some fee paid on time, etc.

I don't give a crap about any of that. I look at it from a freedom perspective. If a person is truly free then they should be free to chose where they want to live. It seems simple to me if you cannot chose to live where you want to live then you are not free. Freedom is my objective, so I object to any law in any country that would try and tell a person where they may or may not live. As long as a person can find a house or apartment, etc., wherever they want to live I have no objections to them living there. I don't have the controlling mindset that wishes to control who moves to my city or even my neighborhood.

I emigrated from Oklahoma to Colorado 13 years ago. How much paperwork should I have had to fill out before being allowed to move? Should I have needed a lawyer to help me get through this paperwork? How many thousands of dollars should it have cost me, just in fees and lawyers, and how would this have benefited Colorado? At the time I moved I was a low skilled worker as this was prior to my education and my subsequent pursuit of an engineering field that I currently work in. If you look at Oklahoma and Colorado as countries instead of states, it is clear that Oklahoma is a far less prosperous than Colorado.

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