Friday, May 14, 2010

Would you push the button? Apparently you would.

I remember watching this show years ago, it was the Twilight Zone. The story went like this:

A man shows up at a families house and offers them $200,000 dollars if they are willing to push a button. The catch is that if they push the button someone they do not know and will never meet will die. At the end they push the button, only they realize that after they did the button disappears and they are told “this button goes to someone they do not know and will never meet”. The implication is that if the next family pushes the button, they are the ones who will die.

The question is would you push the button? Yes you would, and you prove this everyday if you support government. This is the exact same deal government offers you, only on a slightly smaller scale.

A bureaucrat comes to a family and says “if you check this box, I will give your kids a free education”, the catch is that someone you do not know will lose their home and will be forced into a homeless shelter, an old person you don't know will lose their home and will be forced to live with their kids, a child you don't know will have to forgo braces because their family has to make a choice between paying property taxes and braces. So they check the box. This scenario plays out over and over, the rewards change, but the loss is always there and until the one who loses is you it seems like you are getting a good deal.

Would you check the box? Are government handouts worth the pain the government inflicts? Sadly for most the answer is yes.

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