Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Census and the “American Community Survey”

Okay so I told you that while I was at work the census people came to my house and my wife gave them the census information for the 2010 census. This was a short form. Well, after I threw away the original census form I received an even bigger version from the American community survey, that I also threw away. Now the community survey people have got my home phone number, and they keep calling. My wife answered the other day and told them only that she had already answered their questions, then they tried to explain that “no that was for this other census and not the one I am calling about” at that point my wife said “I gave you enough information last time” and hung up. I was so proud of her. She is turning into a little non-cooperative.

I guess they didn't like her response so they called again and this time I picked up the phone. The lady asked me if they had the right address and I answered that the phone was registered to that address but I couldn't say if they had reached that address with their call. Then she asked if I was the head of the household. I told her I would not answer any question from the government. Then she asked if I had received the American Community Survey in the mail. I repeated that I would not answer any questions from the government. She kept asking if I had received this survey in the mail, I kept answering that I would not answer any question from the government. On her third attempt to get me to answer she really pissed me off because she said “I'll take that as a yes”, to which I quickly responded “I didn't say that”, but she hung up on me at that point.

I bought a new phone a few months ago and this new phone does not have a function to use the answering machine as a recording device to record phone calls like all of my previous phones had. That sucks for calls like this.

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Brian Martinez said...

I've just stopped answering the phone from numbers I don't recognize.

The ACS asks a lot of unnecessarily intrusive questions about topics I probably wouldn't even discuss with friends, let alone the government. It ain't like the regular Census. Screw 'em.