Monday, August 30, 2010

More on the Mosque

Free Talk Live finally talked about this mosque in NYC, and I heard some callers arguments for why they oppose it. The main argument from many seemed to be that it is being built with “terrorist money”. I don't believe that this is true, however for discussions sake let's pretend that it is true. How much would a 13 story skyscraper in the heart of NYC cost to build? I am not sure, but I expect it is at least 20 million. If the “terrorists” funding this mosque are not allowed to build their mosque/community center with this money, what else could 20 million buy a “terrorist”? It could buy a couple of jet planes, it could buy many surface to air anti-aircraft launchers and missiles, it could hire dozens of professional killers, it could purchase the makings for millions of IED's, it could purchase millions of bullets, a million gallons of diesel to help start fires all over the US. So if you really think this is terrorist money, ask yourself, is building a mosque really what you don't want them doing to do with their money?

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