Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Music, the long lasting way to transmit a message

I have been making music lately and not blogging. So now I am blogging about making music. My real goal with the music is to make good industrial music. Unique and catchy while pushing some boundaries all while remaining accessible to those who like the genre of dance industrial. So far I think I am accomplishing that goal. I am not happy with the lyrics on Empire, but I am generally happy with what I have made so far.

A side effect of the music project however has been that it can help spread libertarian ideas. This is a minor goal, but it may prove to be one of the most effective forms of activism I have been a part of. I hadn't really thought much about it until the other day when I was at a friends party and I was discussing the political themes that have run through my music so far. While we were talking about this the Beach Boys came on. I asked him “how old is this?”, our best guess was 45+ years. I don't expect to ever have any hits or anything popular, but do to the nature of the internet it is possible that people will still be downloading my music in 100 years, even after I die it could live on. Granted less than one person a year may like the music, but unlike more transitory things like podcasts and blogs that focus so much on the here and now, music tends to be much longer lasting. It also tends to be something listened to over and over, making music with a message that much more powerful. The hard part is making music that people might like and carries a message. The majority of music you hear these days means nothing. Of course I have no idea if anyone will care in a few years, but if I continue to make interesting music, at some point somebody will take notice.

Maybe nobody will ever listen to my music, but very few read this blog or ever accepted libertarian ideas based on my outreach when I helped the LP, so even if it is in vain, it is no more in vain than other things I have done in the past. In the mean time I like my own music and listen to it myself.

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