Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Biggest Loser continues to worship the state

I generally like the show “The Biggest Loser”, but so often anymore I get disgusted by its constant statist propaganda. I watched last nights show and they were basically in the process of doing tryouts for the show so they had went to various cities across the US to find candidates. In the episode however they kept saying things like “obesity will cost the state of Michigan 12 billion dollars in x amount of time”. How does obesity cost “the state”? It doesn't unless the politicians chose to let it cost taxpayers. If the politicians redirect tax money to pay for obesity related illness than that is their problem and not the fat persons. It also implies that somehow taxpayers should be, and are, responsible to pay for other peoples poor decisions. If you dislike the idea of tax money paying to treat fat people, don't blame the fat people, blame the politicians.

Next week is sure to be a statist filled episode as well, because the preview showed the contestants being trained by the marine corps. I am sure there will be a lot of bullshit about “their sacrifice for our freedoms”. If this were true then we should be getting ever freer as we have virtually been in a non-stop war somewhere in the world for at least the last 60 years. In cases where some level of additional freedoms have been achieved like civil rights for minorities and gays, it is hard to see how the constant military actions around the world have had any impact in helping gain these rights.

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