Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tis the season for crappy political ads

This is the season for horrid political ads. One thing I noticed is that the democrats are putting out commercials that say things like “my republican opponent wants to take away your birth control options”. Is this the best they have? The republicans of course are attacking the policies that Obama pushed through, so at least they are a bit more timely, but when GWB was president they were as worthless claiming their opponents were "big spenders" and not mentioning how much the government grew under GW.

Also have I ever told you how much I hate political signs? Yeah I hate them, not because they are political in nature, but even signs for Libertarian candidates don't tell you anything about the candidates themselves. I would prefer a bumper sticker slogan, then a candidates name something like “immigrants will cross the border over my cold dead body – Tom Tancredo” or “If its good enough for Obama, its good enough for me – Michael Bennett”, “I miss George Bush – Ken Buck” (okay I am in Colorado and so all of these are Colorado politicians, but I am sure you could just replace the names for politicians in your area).

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