Friday, November 19, 2010

Republicans like to threaten to end NPR funding only when they know it will be vetoed

Two people have posted on my facebook about some bill that republicans are trying to push through to eliminate NPR funding. First it is an empty gesture by the republicans because they know that Obama would veto the bill, if they were serious they would have done this while Bush was in office and the congress and senate was majority republican. Secondly, why should taxes fund this one radio station? There is no reason for it and the funding should be eliminated. I don't want my tax money going to NPR any more than I want tax money going to Fox News. I wonder how these people who are so afraid of NPR not getting stolen money would feel about stolen money going to Fox. I have a FB policy of not discussing politics very often due to the pointlessness of it all, the limitations of facebook do not allow for any discussion more deep than “Friends post: I had a great time last night. My response: click the “like” button.

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