Friday, November 5, 2010

WTF do politicians know about Johnny Cash?

I was watching this biography on the singer Johnny Cash last night on the bio channel. I like Johnny Cash and think he was one of the greatest American singers in recent history, his voice had the power to hit you on an emotional level and this is a rare feat. That is why I have many Johnny Cash albums, with my favorites being those he made during his waning years when he teamed up with Rick Rubin as his producer.

I liked the documentary alright, but one part really ate at my craw. They kept interviewing Al Gore and Lamar Alexander about Cash. I have to ask, what the fuck do those stupid fucking politicians know about Johnny Cash? They aren't musicians who worked with him, they are not family or friends. They aren't even musicians who never worked with him, but can relate on a professional level simply because they share the same career and many of the same trials and tribulations that come from that. They are just blowhards who don't know anymore about Johnny Cash or his life than the average Johnny Cash fan. In fact the average fan probably knows more about him as the average fan can relate to his life more than those stupid, rich, whores, whose main goal in life is to steal as much from productive people and direct it into the non-productive parasitic class in government.

To be a little more fair, I was more upset to see Al Gore interviewed than Lamar Alexander, who at least is known to be a decent amateur country western piano player. But if they wanted to find some average country piano player, there are plenty in every southern church playing gospel tracks, you don't need to go to the halls of corruption in Washington DC to find them.

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