Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why would one believe that new "high speed rail" travelers would not be subject to TSA pat downs?

Even if you believe that the government is going to spend billions upon billions in an ill-conceived attempt to build high speed rail across the north American continent, what on earth would lead one to believe that the TSA would not have their grubby little fingers fondling you at the train stations? They are already doing random checks at bus stations and Amtrak stations with their VIPER team. If anything the pat downs and the police state tactics are going to be worse over time and not better.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

There is no Palin-Loughner link, get over it

Question: What do Sarah Palin and Jared Lee Loughner have in common? Answer: Nothing

So why is it that on my facebook page my democrat friends keep posting articles showing a map created before the election that shows congress people targeted by the GOP to try and knock out of office as some sort of connection to the Arizona shootings.

First off let me make this very clear, I am no fan of Sarah Palin and so I am not taking her side out of any sort of affection for her.

There is no evidence at all that Loughner ever saw that map, that it influenced him in any way or that he he listened to or was a follower of anything Sarah Palin did or said, I repeat NO EVIDENCE of any of this. Why are they trying to link the two then and make it seem like Loughner took Palins map as some sort of guide to who to kill, when in fact he seemed to have an obsession with this Giffords woman going back to 2007 when he asked her a nonsensical question that she didn't know how to answer to his liking. The answer is simple and it is an old trick, link two unrelated people in peoples minds to discredit one of them and allow for the transfer of hatred of one to the other. This is the tactic that was used to link Saddam Hussein to Osama Bin Laden even though in reality there was no connection, it was so effective that at one time something like 45% of the population thought Saddam plotted with Osama to pull of the attack on 9/11 or he was at least helping Osama in some way, of course there was no connection in reality. They did this by putting out articles that said things like “the terrorist mastermind Osama Bin Laden's whereabouts are unknown [stop] Saddam Hussein is harboring terrorists in Iraq and offering them protection [stop]”. This is the same tactic the left is now using to try and link Palin with Loughner. They keep linking an article that says:

“Sarah Palin has a special responsibility and opportunity in the wake of the attempted assassination of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. For it was Sarah Palin and Sarah Palin alone who earlier put the crosshairs of a gun on Rep. Giffords.”

The problem is that Sarah Palin does not have any sort of special responsibility for the attempted assassination of Giffords. In fact it unclear what the politics of Loughner really were, it is clear that in high school his classmates considered him a liberal, and now he is obsessed with language and currency. What is not as clear is that he had followed any republican politicians or talk show hosts or anyone of these supposed “inciters”. To try and link him to Sarah Palin is intellectually dishonest and stinks of unthinking partisanship. There are plenty of things to dislike Palin for, without having to invent nonexistent connections to Loughner and the shooting in Arizona. If there is a connection of some sort it has yet to come out and until it does this is irresponsible behavior on the part of the lefties attempting to connect the two.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Massacre 7 people shot, but only one worth talking about

I don't know much about this shooting in Arizona. I have not researched the shooter or anything else. I have only read one article on the incident and this is how it started out:

TUCSON, Arizona – An initial portrait of the man accused of shooting Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in the head in an attack that also killed six people outside a Tucson grocery store slowly began to emerge,

Now here is the problem I have with the mainstream media, they lionize politicians. I read that sentence and read “one important person from the ruling elite was shot, and six mundanes not even worth naming were killed...”. Then politicians wonder why some people are disgusted with them.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stop the red light camera madness!

Aurora Colorado currently has four red light cameras. They are adding another ten cameras. The bureaucrats who are doing this are making the false claim that these cameras increase safety. However, accidents actually increased at 3 of the 4 intersections with red light cameras. Overall total accident numbers combined at the four intersections remained nearly identical in the comparison (168 vs 169) in a one year period.

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