Friday, February 4, 2011

Cops are liars, even when they are on the Biggest Loser

Another biggest loser post. I think this show is one of the only shows I watch that tends to have annoying political messages in it (intended or not) and that is why I post about it.

This season there was a pair of cops Dan and Don, twin brothers who were both long time police officers. They really did not represent their profession in a positive light, but probably an accurate light. They both left the show after intentionally gaining weight. They were both fairly lazy compared to the other players, but the real problem is that both were liars and neither seemed to even admit to themselves that they were acting in an immoral fashion and lying and cheating to get to their own goals (in this case it was to get kicked off the show). Here is how it played out:

Both cops gained weight at a weigh in. One goes home because he misses his family. Both deny that they did anything to gain weight and both acted like they were as surprised as anyone. This was obviously a lie, even after being called out by the trainer they still stuck to to their lies and deception. The one cop who remained on the ranch then claims he “doesn't want to go home, he didn't rig the weigh in, and will give 100% to prove it to everyone”. The very next week he gains weight again, and so does his new partner, she admits to rigging the weigh in and then the clincher, after she admits to weight gaining the cop says “I never lie, so I will admit that I rigged the weigh in because I want to go home”. Hold on, he thinks he never lies? How does he figure? The exact same thing happened the previous week and he claimed he did not rig the weigh in and then he only admits to rigging the second weigh in after the scam was exposed by a more honest player. He also had claimed earlier that he did not want to go home and was going to give it his all, I don't know if he really thought this at the time or not, but he was either deceiving himself or straight up lying and I have to go with lying due to his track record of lying on the show. I have seen many other players over the years use similar deception and tricks, it always bothers me, but this one was worse because in the past the guilty party always seemed a little remorseful about their actions, but in this case it seemed like these police officers didn't even know they were doing anything wrong. I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting to go home, or with water gaining so that you will go home, but there is something wrong with lying about it. It also bothers me that these two were cops in their real life. The reason it bothers me that they were police officers is that I know that most police are lairs and are corrupted, but they generally try to create an image of the virtuous public servant and despite all of the evidence to the contrary people sometimes still believe this myth and on this show it was not even mentioned that the two players who were most deceptive were also those that some members of the public hold in higher esteem than your average Joe, even though the average Joes on the show showed themselves to be superior in every way over the two officers.

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