Thursday, March 31, 2011

Liberal gets his butt handed to him over Libya

This is pretty funny, Ed Schultz has his head so far up Obama's ass that he cannot see that military action against Libya is a bad idea. I am sure if McCain had won in the last election he would be singing a different tune, but a partisan doesn't have to make any consistent sense, they only have to suck up to their masters in Washington and tow the party line. What is funny is to hear how the tune changes about war as soon as a democrat is in office.

I have to think Scott Horton is right on this and that the President is supporting the "freedom fighters" in Libya in an effort to change the story from "America is backing all of these evil dictators and giving them billions of dollars", to "America is supporting the rebels" (at least in this one country, and it has effectively changed the news coverage and the story is longer about how many dictators Obama is cozy with and how many billions we have given to horrible dictators who exterminate their own people.

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