Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A few thoughts on Osama Bin Laden's (OBL) death.

My first thought was that I was surprised the government was claiming to have killed him at this time, since I had believed he was probably already dead. The reports were that OBL was on dialysis and then former Pakistan prime minister Benazir Bhutto had made the claim that Osama had been murdered (this was before she was murdered) and there has been little evidence of OBL's existence for the past several years, every once in a while a grainy video or weird audio was claimed to be from OBL, but I never really thought these were very conclusive proof of his continued life.

I am not going to be a “deather” I will take the government's word that they finally found and killed him after 9 years of failure they finally got their man. From the accounts I have read the hit on OBL was nothing less than cold blooded murder. It appears they had asked him to surrender and when he did not, even though he was unarmed, they shot him in the head (twice). He never stood trial, he was never convicted of a crime, he was simply murdered by the Navy SEAL assassination team. I don't believe in the death penalty, but even if I did I would not support a policy of a pre-trial death penalty. This sets the precedent that any criminal can be murdered if it suits political means.

The last thought I have is that since 9/11 the US government has given the Pakistan government about 18 billion dollars in foreign aid, much of that was for military purposes, supposedly because they were aiding the US in the “war on terror”, then OBL was found to be less than a half mile from the headquarters of the Pakistani Military Academy, this would make it seem likely the Pakistan military knew where he was and was likely protecting him since this compound (which is more like a mansion than the cold Afghanistan cave he was supposedly bunkered up in) had been his home reportedly for 5 years. This makes me think that there is at least a good possibility that the Pakistani military didn't want OBL to be found, lest it stop the US taxpayer gravy train. Screwing taxpayers both ways, paying to try and locate him, and paying to keep him hidden.

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