Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pawn Stars gold for car transaction

I was watching Pawn Stars last night and a man wanted to trade his antique car for gold. What I found interesting about this was that the pawn shop owner Rick said that he couldn't trade the car for the gold because that would be illegal, so he had to buy the car in federal reserve notes and then have the guy give him the money back and then he sold the man some gold coins paid for with the money Rick had just given the man. The whole transaction was rendered ridiculous by these stupid laws.

The whole idea of preventing a value for value trade of one good for another without some paper intermediary completely goes against the nature of man, and the only reason these laws are in place is because of the greed of government. You can't trade value for value because the government is so evil, stupid and greedy that they cannot figure out how to steal a portion of a trade like a car for a necklace, so they force the trade be done with a worthless medium of fake money they have created and its only value is the value created by the use of violence. The greed of the government cannot be satiated even for value to value trades where no profit is being made. I am sure they believe they should get a portion of this trade in taxes, but why? If a value for value trade was done and no profit was made on either end, how much in taxes does the government consider “fair” and based on what criteria?

Now I know that the government considers themselves so special that all taxes are just and right and fair in their minds, and they believe they have a right to a portion of any transaction made, but the reality is that they do not have any such right and it is merely a reflection of the wealth and power that has corrupted government officials for millennia. I just cannot see how this is different from a slave master who allows his slave to work outside of the plantation and then allows the slave to keep half of his earnings.

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