Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stop unwanted phone calls for free, and government free!

A few years ago electronic devices called call zappers were becoming popular means to deter unwanted calls from solicitors, pollsters and politicians. They work on the principle that most of these calls originate not from a person dialing a telephone number but rather from a machine that dials massive amounts of telephone numbers, generally referred to as auto-dialers. One thing with these machines is they are normally programmed to listen for certain triggers to determine if they should play a standard message that will be left on an answering machine, connect you to a live person or remove the dialed number from the machines list of numbers. I am interested in the last of these options. The way these devices worked is that the auto-dialers listen for a disconnect tone and if they hear it, no matter what else it hears, it determines that the number is no longer in service and removes the number from its list of active numbers. So these devices would pick up the line and play a dsconnect tone before passing the call to the answering machine.

Call zappers went out of style once the government created the so called “do not call” list. The politicians acted like they were doing it in the response to demand from their constituents who were demanding they do something about all of the unwanted calls people were getting. In reality the reason they wanted to create the do not call list was that call zappers were becoming very popular and they worked, they worked too well, not only did they stop telemarketers, but they also stopped the calls from the politicians campaigns and from charities whose main functions were to support the government and lobby for new measures. The politicians created the do not call list and then they exempted themselves as well as charities and also “companies you have a history of doing business with”.

If this election season you do not want to get calls from pollsters, or from Obama telling you why you should support his favorite lapdog in the congress, or even these charity pick-up services that request donations of clothes, which by itself is not such a big deal, only they call every two days! All of these calls will stop if you record this disconnect tone on your answering machine greeting or on your voice mail greeting prior to your personalized greeting. Auto-dialers will think the number is no longer in service and will remove you from their list.

Here is the disconnect tone for your use:

Disconnect tone by Flag in Flames

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