Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The police are not there when you need them.

My neighbor runs a business called the “Game Truck”. It is a for hire trailer that provides a space for multiple gamers to play video games at once and it is popular for tween and teen boys birthday parties, because it provides a way for 10 kids to battle each other at once on the latest video game. They might spend a lot of time at home playing these games, but at home they can only play against one other person most of the time, with the game truck the possibilities open up far more. It seems most popular for the age group that is too young for drinking parties and too old for clowns and bouncy castles. I saw her yesterday and she said that this past weekend the game trailer was robbed of about $10,000 worth of equipment, from games to gaming devices like playstations and Wii's to the televisions, even the cans of cleaner!

She called the police to report the incident. This is what the police are for right? To investigate large crimes against property and people? I advocate ending the government police and replace them with security you hire yourself, but I often run into resistance and people will tell me “one day you will need the police and then you will change your tune”. So I think she was harmed, her business is currently shut down and she is losing money, she suffered major property loss, this is the kind of thing the cops should be investigating. So what did the “brave” boys in blue do to help? They sent one cop out, he glanced around and told her to file a report online. Then he said he needed to leave. She asked if he was going to attempt to get fingerprints or anything and he said “it won't do any good”. How does he know? Then he left claiming he had to go because they were understaffed in the area. Leaving her to fill out an online report, claiming the insurance would respond faster if she did the online thing instead of having him fill out a report.

This pisses me off, it is basically the exact same thing that the police told my mother when her house was broken into a couple of months ago. If they are not there to investigate property crimes then what are they there for? The drug war apparently...

The day after my neighbors game truck was broken into, she saw nine squad cars all at one house a few houses down from where we live and a couple of dozen cops surround the house and yelling things like “They are still in the house, I see them”. They broke the gate to the back yard and it sounded like a lot of excitement. Maybe they had found the criminals who had robbed her truck! A couple of hours later she saw two guys sitting in front of the house that had been raided earlier that day and so she approached them and asked them what it had all been about. They revealed to her that the people in the house had been raided for growing marijuana. She gets robbed and the police hardly have enough staff to even send a single cop out, but they have enough cops to send 20 police on a raid of someone who is growing a couple of pot plants in a backroom.

Is it any wonder people don't like the police. When you are victimized, they are too understaffed to do anything, but when they want to victimize others for fairly peaceful activities like growing plants in a spare bedroom or not wearing a seat belt, they have plenty of resources.

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