Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Who is standing up for Peter these days?

I am feeling crankish about politics lately. I think I am feeling very frustrated because I have so many friends who can clearly see many problems, however they keep looking at the government as the solution, and they seem to completely ignore the role the government played in creating the problems in the first place. Until people are willing to stand up to the government and tell them that they have no more authority over them, that they do not have the consent of the governed, that they are no longer allowed to steal from Peter to pay Paul, then it is all just pointless politics. Instead all I hear is that one side says they don't want the government to steal from Peter to pay Paul, instead they want the government to steal from Peter to pay John, the other side says that paying Paul is better than John, nobody is saying “hey, what about Peter, what gives you the right to steal from him and pay any of these other assholes?”.

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