Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Occupy Atlanta, being duped by irresponsible Cop

When I got up this morning I found a facebook friend had posted this article about Occupy Atlanta setting up encampment to save a police officers home after the he had written an email explaining he was being foreclosed on to someone in the Occupy movement. I attempted to try and find out why this police officer was “unjustly” being foreclosed upon as the protesters are claiming, and I was unable to find anything. Police officers have extremely stable jobs with decent wages, most making 50k or more a year. Interest rates are extremely low right now, I really have to wonder why this officer could not afford to pay his mortgage. I ended up finding that the location of the house is “4197 Shoreside Circle Snellville, GA”. This allowed me to find out information on the house, but not the Rorey family, However, finding out about the house was enough to cast further doubt in my already suspicious mind. According to Trulia this house last sold on December 27th, 2010. Less than a year ago, for $172,454, which should be affordable for a police officer. You normally have to be several months behind in your mortgage before the foreclosure proceeding begin. This indicates to me that they moved in less than a year ago and basically never made a mortgage payment, I am not sure I can see the unjust nature of the foreclosure. I think these occupy people are being duped by irresponsible people to support a cause that will make them look even more foolish than they already appear to be.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Occupy crowd got duped by the Roreys who were trying to scam the system by appearing to be unable to make their mortgage payments.