Friday, December 30, 2011

Lol, the turn of the century sowed only misery (and light bulbs, refrigerators and car, etc)

In a thread on facebook I saw this:

Oh, the early 20th century where we had the Great Depression? Child labor? Dark satanic mills? Yes, that worked out great. If your name was Rockefeller.

It never 'worked OK once'. To the degree that market fundamentalism has been tried it has sown only misery for the many, to the benefit of a few.

What is he talking about, the freest time in America is when the modern world was created (after the civil war before the new deal). The light bulb was invented, the car started to be produced, the telephone was invented, airplanes, radio, movies, recorded music, tractors, washing machines, refrigerators, etc. Virtually everything that makes the modern lifestyle was created and popularized during this time that he claims had sown only misery for the many. If anything we are in a slump of innovation today by comparison. Yeah it never worked out, what a joke. I guess the masses were just too oppressed by their new cars, and washing machines. Also this child labor boogieman drives me nuts, so what if there was child labor in the early part of the century, you do know that there has always been child labor, all throughout history, until the industrial revolution made it so machines could replace human labor, thus making it so fewer people had to work to produce the same amount or more, this is what allowed children to be free of labor, not the government.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Remember this? Government claims Blockbuster monopoly and blocks merger with Hollywood Video

Everyday the government makes claims that are laughable, but sometimes they seem more laughable a few years after the fact then they seemed at the time. Case in point, in 2005 the FTC blocked a proposed merger of Blockbuster Video and Hollywood Video, making the claim that this merger would create a monopoly in the video rental business. Even at the time this seemed ridiculous, in 2005 Netflix was already a large company, video on demand was already available, and internet video streaming was obviously on the horizon. Now both companies are bankrupt, squeezed out by competition the government refused to acknowledge even existed.

Young Turks call out Bill O'Reilly

Young Turks call out Bill O'Reilly over Iran. Out of one side of the scumbag Bill O'Reilly's mouth he says that war with Iran would be devastating, out of the other side of his mouth he says Ron Paul is disqualified as not just a candidate, but as an American because of his foreign policy, or at least that is how I took it, you may think O'Reilly was trying to say he is saying this as "an American and not as a Journalist", but I think he meant that Ron Paul's views disqualify him as an American and then he sort of backtracked.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Do you want your epitaph to read: "he consumed much and produced little"

The other day on the Peter Schiff Show, Peter was arguing with a Keynesian economist who was making the claim that it is consumption and not production that drives an economy. He was wrong of course, it is savings and production, and not consumption, that drives an economy. But let's pretend for a second this idea is correct, is it how you would want to live your life? When I die, I don't want to be remembered for living a life of consumption. I would much rather be remembered for all of the good I have done, all of the good I have produced in my lifetime. All of the people I have helped for things I have done, things I have added to the world, not for things I have taken away from the world.