Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Having guns pointed at you, now normal part of life in US Police state

As I am driving to get lunch I see some guy pointing a gun at me! He was alone on a sidewalk. He was in all black and wore sunglasses, pointing a large gun. Creepy as fuck.

As I got right up on him, I could see around the corner from where was standing and could see down a small side street and I was able to figure out that the lone crazy with a gun aimed at me, was not actually alone, but part of a larger more pervasive violent gang. He turned out to be a cop with a radar gun. However, until I was right at the corner he appeared to be a lone shooter. Once I could see down this little side street, I could see that there were several cop cars hidden from view on the main street and they were flagging people and having them drive onto the side street to be terrorized and threatened with various forms of kidnapping, abuse, and extortion. Are we supposed to think that a guy who appears to be alone on a sidewalk pointing a gun at people as they drive by is perfectly acceptable? I found it creepy as hell. Luckily I was in a crowd of cars and not one of the stragglers they appeared to be picking off. Go police state, make the creepy and scary a daily part of life in America.

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