Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Poor and the Broke

I believe there is a difference between being poor and being broke that people often do not grasp. Poor people can also be broke, but to be broke does not make you poor. To me a poor person is simply a person who makes very little money. If they live within their means, then they may be poor but they are not broke. I have never been broke, even when I was extremely poor. A broke person can make any amount of money but finds themselves over their heads in debt and bills and cannot make ends meet.

The reason I think the distinction needs to be made is that often when broke people hear a politician say he “is going to help the poor” they assume the politician is talking about them because they are broke. However, the politician has no intention of helping broke people. In fact they love broke people, these people are the ones who are in debt slavery and will desperately try to earn more money to pull themselves out of debt but will be hampered by ever higher tax burdens.  

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