Monday, February 18, 2013

Obamacare driving old people out of the country?

I met an interesting guy in Austin, he drove me from the car rental company to the hotel. His name was Carl; he told me that he was moving to Ecuador to retire because he cannot afford to live in the US any longer. He was a white guy and was in his early sixties. He said that he was doing pretty well until last August getting enough hours at Enterprise that he was almost bringing home full time pay, but in August they cut his hours back to 25 hours a week so they would not have to consider him a full time employee because of changes in the law related to “Obamacare” that would have required they provide him health insurance if he got more hours. He just cannot afford to live in Austin on his meager income and cannot go full time and at his age other opportunities are not really popping up, so moving to Ecuador where he can afford life on his social security payment made the most sense for him.  

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