Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bradly Manning should not be in prison

Bradly Manning should not be in prison, and if Obama was actually the caring, loving, person his followers claim he is, a full presidential pardon would have been issued years ago.

When I made a statement like this to a co-worker, my co-workers response was something like “well, Obama does not have the power you think he does”. I have to call bullshit on this, first off the president can pardon anyone. Then my co-worker said something to the effect of “Manning may have broke the uniform code of military justice” as if this makes it more difficult to pardon Manning. I simply cannot believe the cognitive dissonance some people have when it comes to Obama. We were both in agreement that Manning is not a criminal that should be in prison, and yet he refused to believe that the commander and chief of US military did not have the ability to pardon a military prisoner, when this is one of the powers of the presidency that has been long standing and should be common knowledge to even the most braindead Obama supporter. People if Obama cared about Manning, or any other political prisoners he would grant them pardons.   

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