Saturday, June 8, 2013

Unlike Bush Obama is too smart to not be responsible for his own actions

In some ways George Bush lucked out when the media and the left started portraying him as an ignoramus. It meant that he could get away with the most awful of political crimes and the liberal critics had to defer blame away from him, because to accept that he was responsible would go against their belief he was too stupid to pull off such tyranny and so they found others to blame, mostly Dick Cheney. Obama does not have that luxury, nobody accuses him of being too dumb to possibly be responsible for the actions of his administration. Instead he hides behind race, managing to paint his critics as racially motivated even when there is no evidence of such. I wonder if he can continue to pull that off as his crimes are becoming so numerous that even his allies on the left are beginning to turn against him for his attacks on civil liberties, his spying, etc.