Sunday, July 14, 2013

Zimmerman not guilty, and should not have even been tried

This case seems to have really hit a nerve with me, not only because I see Zimmerman as the victim of an assault he was forced to defend himself against. But also because of the media and the liberals and race baiters and how they skewed this case, from calling Trayvon a "child" to calling Zimmerman a "white Hispanic". It all just gets to me. As far as I can tell Zimmerman was honestly trying to do his best to help stop crime in his neighborhood and Martin was a violent kid prone to beating people up who attacked Zimmerman because Zimmerman was following what to Zimmerman was a suspicious character. A 6 foot tall, 170 pound man who did not live in Zimmerman’s closed off neighborhood and was not with a resident and had no obvious business being there. This would make anyone suspicious and it was not because he was black like so many want to assert, and the suspicion was only heightened by the fact there had been recent burglaries in the complex. There were many ways to diffuse the situation if Trayvon felt fear of Zimmerman, but Trayvon decided to punch Zimmerman instead of engaging him in conversation or just going to his father’s apartment. I feel like Zimmerman being basically a weakling had little choice but to defend himself with a weapon instead of his fist once the fight started. Now Zimmerman's life is likely ruined, when all he was doing was to try and protect his neighborhood. In retrospect it is easy to say "Trayvon was unarmed", "Trayvon was most likely not going to burglarize a house" etc. How would Zimmerman have known any of that? Once Trayvon threw the first punch, he was the aggressor.

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